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VoroGlide shows, how the structures of the Voronoi Diagram, the Delauny Triangulation, and the convex hull change continuously when single points are moved in the plane.

VoroGlide is an applet developed in Java. It contains a singlestep mode for the visualisation of the incrementel Delauny-construktion. Furthermore a recorder is implented, giving the possibility to playback all actions.

As soon as the button is activated, the applet can be launched.

Sorry, this WWW browser does not seem to understand Java applets.

In case the applet is not starting and you are using an older version of Netscape on Win95, try this Site.


You can choose the display of the structures in the "Show"-menu, further help can be found in the "Help"-menu.

For the controlwindows for the single-step mode an the animationrecorder press "a", for deactivation "A". (Additionaly: "r" and "R" for recorder and "s", "S" for single-step)

Comments: geomjava@iai.uni-bonn.de

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